About Us

The goal of Chocolate Expressions is to provide fountains at an affordable price with superior presentation, quality, and service. We feel that it’s important to include as much as we can in our package pricing so that clients are aware of their cost up front, and are not “nickel and dime-ed” out of having a fountain at their special occasion. Our service is devoted to the individual needs of our customers and we pride ourselves on being adaptable!

If you ever come across a facility that does not allow chocolate fountains, it’s because a Sephra fountain was not used! This is the very reason we have chosen to use only Sephra fountains! They stand at a grand 34 inches and 44 inches (the tallest in the industry). The basins are up to 3 inches wider than their counterparts, creating a “drip zone” that allows us to keep our fountain and display much cleaner. An attendant is always on hand as well, so you and the facility staff can be assured that the presentation is not compromised and the dipping items are constantly being refreshed.

We use Ghirardelli chocolate in our fountains. We refuse to use “apeels” chocolate. We have had great success with Ghirardelli and have found that it is preferred when we are at Bridal Shows or other special events where potential clients can taste the difference for themselves. Our clients can choose from dark, milk, or white. We also have a special blended recipe that combines the flavors of our Ghirardelli chocolate with butterscotch and peanut butter! Our chocolate can also be accented with your choice of orange, coffee, or mint! If a client does prefer imported chocolate, we can provide it (Callebeaut) at a minimal increase in price in dark, milk, and white.


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